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Angelo's Review

Here's my first review as promised

Quote of the night: "I've been here 20 min and I want to move to Lakewood."

Pizza Oven-Conveyer (we were told) Crust-Crunchy, Crispy, Airy, and Flavorful Sauce-Both sauces (they were different on each pizza) enhanced everything about each pie Cheese-While there was cheese on the pizzas and it was good the other aspects of the pies are what really stood out. Toppings-Were edge to edge they way a pizza is supposed to be made

Atmosphere TVs-Plenty in a bar that size Clientele-Friendly and put up with us Music-8.5 only because there was that one Aaron Neville song

Alcohol-Even though there was no drink of the day on the board that said “Drink of the Day” the Pomegranate Martini surprise was wonderful Wait staff-Two words A Mazing Speed of Service-Timely no discernible lag

Deep Dish-Didn’t try but Available Dessert- Didn’t try but Available

Bonus: Patio seating Eating at the Bar


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