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Dina's Pizza & Pub Part Two of Two Twitter ‎@Dinas_Pizza_Pub Quote of the night: "Unlike marriage one does not tire of this pizza." Pizza Oven-A big three layered oven Crust-Homemade yeasty goodness Sauce-Garlic was great, Pizza and Marinara outstanding Cheese-Appropriate for the pies tried Toppings-Great and covered the whole pie Atmosphere TVs-everywhere Clientele-Families and individuals Music-Initially awful but once the juke box ran out things improved Alcohol-Cold and Flowing Wait staff-Friendly pleasant and helpful Speed of Service-Timely no discernible lag Deep Dish-N/A Dessert-Didn’t try but Available Bonus: Pepperoni Crisps Patio seating Eating at the Bar Party Room Available

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