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My review of Edison’s Pizza Kitchen and Edison’s Pub in Tremont

Quote of the night: "I’m soo going to regret this tomorrow…"

Pizza Oven-Forgot to ask Crust- Best I’ve had so far Sauce-Home made hot sauce did not cover up the other flavors but brought the heat Cheese-Good amount and tasty next time I’ll add the blue cheese Toppings-Plentiful Chicken soaked in the Hot Sauce!!!

Atmosphere TVs-One in the main bar Clientele-Underwhelming (but we were there at 4 when they opened because were old) Music-OK Late 80’s early 90’s Alcohol-Wide variety Available Wait staff-Non-existent while we were there (I expect they might have a staff later in the evening?) Speed of Service-Quick

Deep Dish-N/A Dessert- N/A

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